Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The arrival of my Peace Corps staging package, my pac, my "security wallet" (basically a modern day fanny pack to be tucked into the front of my pants!), and my very last electric and gas bills can mean only one thing. My pre-departure countdown begins today. I leave in 25 days for Washington, D.C. where I will meet fellow Tanzanian Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and we will go through "staging." Basically 12 hours of a review of everything I should know, plus a little more for fun, and a pit stop state side for any and all who have decided at the very last second that they would be much more comfortable staying on American soil.

25 days seems like a really long time at this very moment. Yes, I still have A LOT more that I need to do to prepare myself, but I just want to leave. The longer I linger the more this urge to BUST OUT grows. Yes, I am nervous. Yes, I am scared, Yes, I am worried, excited, unsure, anxious, yes, yes, yes! But the longer I remain here stuck in this terrible stage I call "All Talk and No Action," the more I just want to go. A friend of mine told me once that she's from a family of beavers because they are always doing something; visiting friends, cooking, building something, crafting a trinket, just something. Well, I am a beaver too, and this beaver is about to gnaw down the dam if the show doesn't get on the road soon. 

Aside from being mentally ready to go, a big part of the reason why I want to get the heck out of here is simply that I am sick of talking to people who have nothing good to say about the Peace Corps, about Africa, about anything. Today I was told that the Peace Corps is just a cover up government agency that actually just feeds into the CIA. Apparently in my near future I will be spying on Islamic persons in Paris. My tolerance for the naive has reached it's threshold, and mama beaver is about to blow wood chip chunks. That is really all that I can say in response to this claim. Please know that I will never work for the CIA. This job will be the only US government affiliated position that I ever hold. 

25 more days, and I got my pac today! (F.Y.I. a pac is just an extra large back pack that is used for serious camping or hiking) It is huge and I cannot wait to fill it up with all sorts of useful trinkets. Oh the smell of packing a new bag with new goodies whilst moving down a new path in life. Ah, I love it, so fresh and alarmingly plastic-y...I guess more then the smell of my pac will be alarming in the next 27 months : )

Peace and love


Rose said...

I consider it an honor to have met you, and I will think of you often over the next two years. You are a beautiful person, and you are doing a wonderful thing. You will be accomplishing a dream that I had for myself years ago, and I can live that dream through you and your blog, thanks for that! You and I are a lot alike, we share similar dreams, we are made from the same cloth, and I think what you are doing is commendable! I will miss you at Jewell Photo, but If I were single and your age I'd be on that plane too! Best of luck to you, I know that you will succeed in whatever you do in life because you have a positive, infectious attitude! So I guess all there is left to say is Keep on Keepin' on & "You Go Girl" lol. Have a wonderful experience and stay safe!
Your Friend Always!

Nancy said...

Are you really living in a mansion? That cracks me up. You're all ready to rough it and you end up living with the richest woman in town. Oh well, you'll be roughing it soon enough.
What an amazing adventure! The one thing traveling has taught me is that we are all more alike than different. The slower pace of life becomes very calming and addictive.
Soon you'll be speaking like a native. Remember my foreign exchange student, Francesca? It didn't take her very long at all. When your enmeshed in another language, it doesn't take long.
Soon you'll be dreaming in Kiswahili.
I love the way you write - it's like you're talking to me. Like all good books, I feel like I'm there with you. I'm so incredibly proud of you, Margo. You are making the world a better place.(:
There is much love here for you... Nancy

jkorte said...

Hi Margaret,
I was reading your blog with the kids. Max wanted to know if he could swear when he helped write this note back to you. I told him NO but we could certainly find many uses for the word
SHAGALABAGALA !!! That is our new favorite word and perfectly describes life at the Korte household. Emma and Max want to write their own notes to you so BRACE YOURSELF !!! Take care and we will be in touch often.
Love Ya . . . . Aunt Jodie

jkorte said...

Hhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Margie,
It's me Emma.
What's up girlfriend?!?!?I am an IMPORTANT person unlike my OLD mom who insults her children in front of a fine woman like yourself. Aw CRUD my cheese caught fire again and my egg blew up in the toaster!!! Well duty calls , gotta go adventurer of AFRICA.


jkorte said...

Hi Margaret, It's Max talkin' . . .
I am finally out of school for the Summer. My dang principal made us go to school until last Monday! We saw Jack and Uncle Dave yesterday and we all went to Burger King.
I also got a new pet. It's a fire bellied toad. I named him Jackie Chan. Also we went to a place with some stuff and it was fun.
Have a good time in Africa and keep on telling us about that good rice. Bye.
Your cousin Max.