Saturday, August 9, 2008

Not the fantastic Issue that I had planned , but it works...

Well, it’s been like a month since I’ve posted and I’m sorry to say but my flash drive is broken and it’s really hard to be a fun writer when I’m sitting in an internet café wondering how much longer I have on the computer…
Anyway! I just wanted to give a quick little summery of the events as of late:
Here goes in bullet fashion. Always the best!
-I went on an African Safari with the rest of the training group a few weeks ago. It was really cool. I actually used an American style toilet and didn’t know what to do. It was funny. We saw basically all of your safari animals with the exception of the infamous lion. And when asked by a Tanzanian why we didn’t see a lion I busted out some sweet Kiswahili and told him that it was because the lion was sleeping with me…Oops. (Yeah, I was trying to say that he was asleep but whatever)
- On that note, I have finally finished my language learning classes and I have no idea how did, but it’s all pretty inconsequential anyway! YES!
- We all left Kilosa for a while to go to shadow a current volunteer in the field and then for site announcements in Dar es Salaam. Basically in the last week I have ridden a bus from Kilosa to Morogoro, then 2 days later from Morogoro to Mpwapwa, the from Mpwapwa to Kibakwe, then a few days later I rode bikes with Tony (that will be explained in a second) from Kibakwe to Kinketi (like 1 hour…and sorry it’s all spelled wrong), then the next day walked/took a lift in a truck back to Kibakwe, then the next day a bus from there back to Morogoro where I find myself now! I feel very well rehearsed in traveling…which is so crazy I cannot even try to convey it right now…really. I’ll save that for later…but please, just imagine riding along at full speed over dirt roads trying to to focus on whip lash…hahaha, whilst being smooshed up again a million other bodies, babies, animals, bags, whatever.
-Anyway! So, Did I mention that we are a training group of 46, because hey guess what, we are a training group of 46 and out of all of those people only one of us went to go and shadow alone. Guess who the lucky winner was!?!?! Me, duh, I’m always a winner. So, no lies I was bummed out and sad that I was going to have to spend a week with some people that I didn’t even know and not have any of my new rafiki around to hang with. Oh, PS I shadowed a couple. Well, I have to say that I had a totally AMAZING time, I have to say it not just because Tony is sitting next to me right now, but also because it’s true. Tony and Carla (it’s what we call them…haha) are really super cool people. They have a really great house, which they have made to be great, and they are awesome hosts. We had good conversation, STELLAR food (including ample baked goods), totally chill out time, we saw a bit of a soccer game between some teachers from their school district and another, and I got to meet a whole bunch of people. Including both of their counterparts, Mama Dirty, the Mzee who cuts hair in his shaky 2nd floor, and many many more. On Wednesday Tony and I ride bikes to visit this kid Ben, I met him for a second when our bus passed by earlier in the week and he came out with his owl on his arm…by the way, Tanzanians are terribly scared/superstitious of owls, hahahaha.
-Visiting Ben, well I have to say that it was kind of an unexpected adventure, but Carla wanted me to see what it is like for a single volunteer who is living basically a totally different life- i.e. having to fight for water, having no other English speakers around, living in a house that doesn’t really have too many “systems.” I wanted to check it out too, of course, so when I got there I wasn’t really surprised that Ben’s house was totally different. He’s a great person and we basically just sat and shot the shit about life and all of the horrible insanity that is going on in his district right now ( I won’t get into that because it’s just not the right venue for this kind of stuff). Anyway, his owl is a baby and he has owl flying practice every night so I got to watch that while a bunch of Tanzanian kids sat around laughing at us. It was great. Then we cooked beans and rice until midnight, drank and had a dance party with the bats. It was good fun.
The next day two little boys named Casey and Casteli came by. Casey is deaf and mute and Casteli is really little, like maybe 5. They are super tragic life stories that I don’t even want to share here, but basically they hung out for like 3 hours, eating the left over beans and rice, playing some games, but basically just hanging out while Ben and I got our crap together to et back to Toney and Carla. They were so fucking adorable and it’s really hard to think about what kind of sustainable impact any of us can really have when our first instinct is just to feed the kids and make sure that they have clothes on their backs. Ahhh, anyway!
So Ben and I tried to ride one bike all the way back to Kibakwe and that was a horrible, funny, silly idea that just ended up in us catching a ride in the back of a truck, hahaha- thank whomever for the truck! When we got back to C&T’s we all just chilled, ate, talked, looked at some pics, and crashed out because we had to catch the 5:45 bus out of Kibakwe and into Mpwapwa so that we could have tea with Matio (a really fantastic Tanzanian) and then T&C and I could catch the bus into Morogoro- where I find myself right now, tired and not really looking forward to going back to Dar. It’s so funny, I was kind of dreading going to shadow alone, but now I’m SO happy and I feel Luck as Hell (yet again)!
Ah, life I have so much more to say and no more time. I love you all. PLEASE write me, PLEASE call me you need to dial 0255783951937, that’s it!
Thank you all for the feed back, I thrive on it, and I promise to try and post the much more fantastic journal that I have saved ASAP!
Peace and Love, as always!


Anonymous said...

Ahh I have been so anxious to hear from you that I have been checking daily to see if you have posted. I am glad that your shadowing went so well and I am ecstatic that you are fitting in and doing so well. I miss you so much and I think about you almost every day. Please post your new mailing address as soon as you can so I can send out more letters to you I don't want them to get stuck in Dar for 3 years. Love you and miss you.

Your Rafiki,


abidigare said...

Hi Miss Margaret,
It is sooo good to see your new blog. I love to read all about the amazing journey you are on. I am so happy to read how well you are doing, and, every challenge that you have faced has always been a positive one. Keep those blogs coming.
Miss & Love U,

Rose said...

Hey Margaret;
Just a quick hello to let you know that I'm still following the blog, and enjoying the adventure. The pictures you posted on the previous entry were awesome! Looking forward to your next post. Glad you are having fun! Take-Care!

Patty said...

Sorry to hear about your flash drive--so should I still get a Mac?? I hope you are back up and running, cannot wait for another installment of your adventures. Things in MI are the same as ever- although we cannot complain about the weather, it has been near perfect all summer long. I hope that you are comfortable there as well. Take care and enjoy!!! Goodbye my dear rafiki. Pat

aunta said...

Hey Margaret,

Just got home from the U.P. with your mom and pops. Had a fantastic time and the weather was more than anyone could even beg and pray for. Sorry about the computer, especially if that means we have to wait longer between blogs (being selfish). Pete and I got an international calling card and plan on calling you, but again, no clue as to what would be a good time, so I'm gonna wing it and hope that I don't wake the farm. Was reading the Cottage Journal at Grandmas. Made me realize how much I wish you were with us. We love you!! Got letters to send from the girls. Let me know your new address when you get it. We while make sure to send some pictures, too!!

Aunt Anne