Friday, December 5, 2008

Just a quickie

Sitting here in the computer lab after a morning of total INSANITY!
I figured that I would throw out a quick post before I go back to the vill and hide away probably until Christmas. (Which is only 20 days away…what in the world?!?!)
This morning I was wide awake at 5am, my sleeping is getting infrequent and full of lucid dreaming (at best), at worst it just doesn’t happen. So, I go up and watched Shrek on my computer and that was awesome! Then I packed up, ate breakfast, paid and left the hotel we stay at. Then I walked to my friend Huruma’s duka to buy stamps, then back up the road to the post office, where I had a letter from my bro and my friend Luke. I love those boys! Then I went to the internet cafĂ© and dropped off my book bag because we have a room here to throw crap in, then I bought couch cushions, then I went to the bank, then all the way down the mountain for a meeting with a guy about fruit trees. Things got a little messed up there because he though I was in Iringa, and so I just talked to the Tanzi’s good thing I know Kiswahili…haha. Then to the duka to buy stuff to make cake today for Eliza’s party tomorrow, then to buy fabric to cover my ugly couch cushions, then to buy seeds, and now I’m here and it’s not even noon and I am EXHAUSTED and I have so much to do today and I have to carry all of that crap up to the bus stand in about a half hour. Haha
I just wanted to throw a quick thanks out there for everyone who has been loving and supporting me. It means so much! Also, DANIELLE, me, Witi, Mama Witi and Ephriham sent you a letter last month…did it get there yet?
Peace and love All!

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Rose said...

Hi Margaret;

Just wanted to say Happy Holiday's to you. I'm sure that it won't be the same for your family without you or you without them, but all will be richer for the experience. You especially, but your family too, through your blog. Stay warm, stay dry, keep that great attitude and know that you are loved and missed this Holiday and always.

Peace and Love;