Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I got soul, but I'm not a solider

I could not possible love, like or enjoy life any more then I do right now. It's true, at least in this instant.
My life in the village has been jam packed of wazungu fun, complete with an array of guests, a few neighborhood trips, a great Valentine's Day party and a trip to Dar to take care of some Peace Corps business. Also included has been working on some fun projects, attempts at setting up a blog for my students...or at least a photo bucket account, and spending a lot of time trying to really reason this whole "Peace Corps Experience" out.
I don't know much, but I have deduced a few things in the past few weeks of serious contemplation.
One- I work for Peace Corps, this is a J-O-B

Two- I hate real life jobs (I'm still a kid!)

Three- I can do any project/work that I see fit in my village

Four- I have lots of ideas that do not fit the instituted "Peace Corps model for sustainable development"

Five- That doesn't really matter because this is my "Peace Corps Experience" so I just need to do what myself and villagers want

Six- I am starting to wonder about some of the comments that were made to me before I left in regards to the actual motive behind this program

Seven- This doesn't dishearten me because I was never stupid enough to fall into the "Well Golly Jeeze Mom I'm going to go and save the world!" crap

Eight- Ignorance is totally bliss, but I hate feeling left in the dark... I want in the know.

Nine- I will not bring massive amounts of money to my village, it's neither sustainable nor does it reflect my value system

Ten- I love my life, I like my job, I think the people in Peace Corps are great and everything else just lends me to more contemplation.

The wazee writing down their needs at my meeting

Kids at our tree planting

A lotta Mama Witi, a little of me and one of my students


aunta said...

Hey Margaret,

Just want you to know that I am still faithfully reading your blog even though I haven't commented lately. Glad to hear you sound more upbeat in this one. It makes it much easier laying my head down at night knowing that you truly love your job and your life. That's what it's all about. We love you so much. The girls loved your letter and we will have one coming your way in a couple of weeks. Take care girl!!


Aunt Anne

Renee said...

I miss you dearly!

Lots of love,

Jared said...

Dearest Margot--

You make me very happy. Even when you arn't doing well, reading your blog makes me remember all the fun times we've shared and will share when we're together again.* Hang in there, remember the past to help you build a better future.

*that totally sounded like the premace for a lifetime movie...

P.S Sag'nasty' is going quite well. And, in other news: President Rao resigned from CMU. I'm "sure" your at odds.