Thursday, May 14, 2009

What was supposed to be a picture post...

Walking, walking, walking
Talking, talking, talking
Eating, eating, eating

Get your kitchens ready,
Big Mama is coming home!
...In about 8 months.

Lots to say and little time. Will say it all next week when I have a free computer in the Peace Corps office. Also, get ready for pictures! Thought I had my flash drive but I don't...just a few more days


Faye said...

Cool, can't wait to see what you have to share!

Stephanie said...

Margaret, it has been good to catch up on your posts. I think about you all of the time. I was in SCS for the first time last week since Christmas, and drove by your street, and got a little sentimental. I am SO proud of what you are doing and learning- it has taken so much guts, courage, and effort to push yourself out of your 'safe' bubble and go to the places you are.

I love the pictures- I'm a visal learner- and I love to see what you are experiencing and how you're growing!! You're as beautiful as ever.

Keep up your hard work, MMB. I'm so proud of you!