Sunday, September 13, 2009

The good, the bad and the city

The good:

-Ikuna school construction project is fully funded! BIG Thanks to everyone who donated. I’ll do my best to keep a pretty constant progress update so you all can know how its going. Supply buying will commence later on this week.
-Went to Mid-Service Conference this past week and found out that I do not have AIDs, I do not have AIDs. Was able to network with a bunch of awesome Tanzanians who managed to respark my drive to keep rocking this out.
-Have a SWEET idea for World AIDS Day and I CANNOT WAIT to try and work it all out
-Got 3 bags of fake hair twisted into my head before going to Dar es Salaam and now I’m a Rasta Mama
-Caught up with all of my fellow PCV health/ed class and had too too too much fun
-Got to spend a bunch of time with some of my favorite people
-Talked to my family a lot this week… : )
-Played bartender for a night at a really nice bar in Dar and freaked out all of the non-Peace Corps white peeps
-I’m excited to get beck to “normal”
-Peace Corps gave my money to actually thief protect my house!
-I just love life….a lot

The bad:

-Dar es Salaam is too much for me to deal with. I’m not used to life in the big city
-My friend Korie got robbed on the beach
-My fake hair is itchy…
-I’m tired of explaining that I am not a spy….
-…that’s really it.

The city:
(Blog poetry take 3-Dar es Salaam)

It smells like the bean crock pot soaking in the sink the day after Christmas
It smells like my hair the morning after a night of sitting around a Garfield Gang bon fire

It looks like Detroit minus awnings plus overly used public transportation
It looks like Detroit, inner city, nursing home Ave. in 2020 after no city reform, restoration or construction

It sounds like New York in Swahili
It sounds like Christmas in Hawaii but in September and all on FULL BLAST with extra base

It tastes like bad attempts at American food, extra oil, extra salt hold all condiments
It tastes like 200 cigarettes smoked consecutively without brushing my teeth.
It feels like this is not my home because in the big city my purpose gets drown out in all the other senses
It feels lonely, it always feels lonely, but somehow lonely feels inspiring and makes me head spin with ambition and hope- two dangerously intense weapons in my ever shrinking arsenal.


Renee said...

It was good to read such a happy entry! :) Miss you. Lots of love and good luck with the school project!

mom said...

Really, you're not a spy??Maybe the fake hair was the kick to give you the I SPY factor.You do love doing funky things to your hair.Sounds like a good week.Wish my Kate would blog more. Take care, Be safe and give my Kate a hug when you see her from her Momma.

Rose said...

Where is a picture of yourself Rasta Mama, inquiring eyes want to see lol.

Best of Luck with your School Project, you are leaving your mark on the TZ and their life will be better for it!

On your next post can you tell us how the weather is? If I remember right it should still be pretty warm right?

Peace & Love Margaret

mamma powell said...

Margaret Mary you keep rockin it out! Mamma Powell here, sorry I've never commented before. But have no doubt you are a force to be reckened with and TZ will never be the same when you leave.
Love and miss you lots!

Faye said...


Great descriptiveness and great photos!

Keep rockin it out! We are hangin' in there here too.

Love you,