Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…

...Its just extra awesome when that’s time in the village with nothing huge going on.

In case you were feeling extra curious, this is what the day in the life looks like:

7am: Wake from some intense dream and spend the next hour laying in bed, trying to figure what the hell I was just dreaming and if it will be a sunny day by looking through the slits in my shutters.

8am: Finally get out of bed. Put on my slippers. Stretch. Wash my face. Get some fire wood.

8:15am: Start a fire. Put water on for coffee and then make some oatmeal.

8:45am: Breakfast. Then wash dishes.

9:15am: Put on some presentable clothes. Grab 2 20 liter buckets. Go to the water pump by the dispensary (it’s really close) or find no water and go to the well at the pastors house (its not so close).

9:30am: Fill buckets. Greet a million grandmas (Bibis) and kids (watoto)

9:40am: Walk home with one bucket of water on my head while everyone laughs at me. Return to get the other bucket.

10am: Drink the rest of my now very cold coffee. Think about with to do with the day. Possibly read, listen to music, sweep, organize, make some crazy plans, write a letter, wash feet, put beans or peas on for dinner, or just stare into space for a while.

11am: Go to the Mgahawa (café) to help the now SUPER prego Witi and Mama and the new girl that works there- Emelia. Cook beans, wash, cut, and cook leaves, peel potatoes, cook potatoes, buy some random café supply, carry water, listen to Kibena, get quizzed in Kibena, get frustrated, Go home.

1am: Arrive at home. Break time. Find something to eat. Relax.

2pm: (Now that I just bought some awesome soap in town!!) Wash something! Clothes, blankets, jackets, shoes, dishes, random fabric, ANYTHING that needs to smell good or look clean. Hang it out to dry.

4pm: Return to the Mgahawa for round 2 of the above mentioned tasks.

7pm: Return home. Find something to eat for dinner. Make it, clean up.

8pm: Text some people, read, stretch, write, listen to music, or just crawl into bed.

9pm: Sound asleep

That’s basically my life, at least it has been for the past few weeks. I mean there are a lot of other random things that have happened- meetings, baby weighting, a wedding, an impromptu Frisbee match, hanging out with some adorable kids, and some sporadic gardening- but that’s the foundation of my days over here in Ikuna Village.

Things are pretty low key. The school construction is set to commence this week. On Thursday we are buying all of the supplies in town!!!! Awesome.

The World AIDS Day Event should be pretty cool if I can pull it all together, its just a lot of random meetings with all of these people who think that they must be “in the know.” So I’m trying hard to stroke everyone’s ego and not totally piss people off.

I’m basically in limbo waiting for Witi and this baby thing to get going. I’m really excited for her, but super nervous too. She says that she is not due until November 25th, but I have a feeling that is way off and it’s more like an any day now thing. We will see.

Anyway, I love you all and I hope that you enjoy the pictures!! Thanks for the returned love and continuing support. Had a GREAT mail week : )

If I could write a whole new blog post I would call it "Hike up your skirt a little more and show your world to me."

Yesterday I was in town and I decided to take a shower and get dressed and go to the bank to get out 4 million shilings for the school construction project because today we bought all of the supplies. I cleaned up and actually put on a cute wrap skirt (like the kid you can tie around your body), but I didn't have any clean underwear and rather then put on a pair of dirty ones I decided that I would go without.
I got to the bank and realized that even though it was a Wednesday it was closed for the holiday of the first president of Tanzania. I was talking to the security guard when a gust of wind blew my skirt flap over. All of the way. Exposing not my bum, but a much more personal part of my body. GREAT! I just started cracking up and I think the man didn't even know what to do or say. Also all of the other random people watching were probably thinking "Seriously???"

Yesterday I was in town and Sarah Koch cut up the innards of a pillow exposing the absolute most disgusting thing ever- pillow germs (I’m being TOTALLY serious)....

Yesterday I had breakfast for two meals

Today I spent nearly 2,500,000 tsh in slightly over a half hour. YAY FOR SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION!

Today I read some inspiring words written by an amazing man in perfect construction of my life, thoughts, feelings and ever pulsing, moving, driving Heart


Faye said...

Hey Margaret,

I miss you!! *hugs*
I can't believe October is half over already! I will write you soon.


Anonymous said...

So, Margaret, when are you done? (I'm your former prof, btw.)

Danelle said...

I'm so sorry I haven't written to you. It seems life is full of babies and house remodels. I love reading your blog when I get the chance, I do not have internet. I miss Ikuna so much when you write. I can always picture it in my mind. The "Big" football game among the villages. Weddings, funerals. I remember my frustrations with the villagers and getting projects started. They are by far some of the best memories I have. I have never done as much growing as I did in my 27 months in PC. You are doing such a wonderful job. Please give my love to everyone. Especially Mama Witi, Witi and Shoni please. When is your service over? Do you have anouther year left?? By the way, if you haven't used the hot water bottle I sent you for the cold nights, you should give it a try. Seriously, true love right there.