Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to the Grind, Part Un.

January 25, 2010

After less then 20 days back in Tanzanian I feel like I MUST have been here a lifetime already. Things have quickly fallen back into the place in which they were residing before I left.
Life in the village is mostly unchanged,
Yes, Benjamin (Witi’s baby boy) is fatter and darker. Yes, my house is filled with more rats then when I left. It’s only true that Tanzanian men have beat more women, and wasted more of their hard earned money on booze. But, all of these things were primarily a predicable change.

I’ve noticed that “free time” is a lot more difficult without the joys of text messaging, internet, or nearby family/friends. I’ve noticed that I really do not enjoy any part of Tanzanian cuisine. It’s become evident that time really is not, really NEVER, a major factor is any sort of planning- even for government or village-wide events. It’s now evident how much I miss driving a car….Oh! Being able to come and go as I please!!!

It’s annoying. The lack of bathing. The constant battle against body odor. The fighting for a seat on the bus. The making plans, altering plans, re-making the same plans. undoing all plans, and staring it all over again. I hate it.

But I still don’t hate Tanzania. I have been grilling my mind for how this can be true. I have been trying (mostly in vain and desperation to fill my free time) to figure out how I can convey the true pulse of my life here. It’s difficult, at best, to try and word this out. Maybe I’m scared to ration out all sense and figure out the heart string that keeps me beating along any sort of purpose driven path here.

Yes, yes, Mama Witi and her family are AMAZING. They are the “one person that I want to help make an ‘informed’ choice.” As I said back in 2007 before I meet the beast of a country called Tanzania.

But really, is this it here? Is this why I love Tanzania? Is this, and your support, my only Mojo. (Or really, is this ‘Mojo’ more then any I will ever feel in any sort of ‘life quest’ AKA Career???)

Ugh. Scary.

Well, I’m still grilling me head on how to make this make sense so I’ll get back to that in a different post.

For now, Things in the village are good. Everything is truly the same. I have spent a considerable about of time meeting parents of other volunteers in Tanzania. Last week my friend Kat’s dad came (along with her uncle) . They didn’t get into Njombe until late and they headed out to her village early the next morning, but we did have a few beers and he brought all of this amazing stuff to share with us (Almond M&Ms!!, along with stories from his journies in Tanzanian thus far. He was a total sweetheart.
I also was able to spend some quality time with the parents of Vincent, the French doctor who was here a few months ago doing volunteer work at TANWAT hospital. They wre absolutely adorable and I now have an open invitation to visit them in France (which who knows, I will most likely take up!)

Being able to share this first hand with people is just totally amazing. Any thoughs on coming to Tanzania?? LET ME KNOW  I’m a good tour guide.

For now, I must say Adios. I have little time and patience for the internet today, I just wanted to let you all know that the village is good, everyone is alive and I am trying my damn best not to get disheartened by the fact that nothing really is going to change in massive number…and that’s really okay!

Peace and Love!


Danelle said...

even if no one comes to visit you i'll always understand. but if anyone reads this, theres nothing like sharing that experience with a volunteer. you'll be connected forever. sooo visit, visit, visit

Rose said...

Even though you can't see the change in a massive amount, the way that you and everyone would like to see. Change even if in small amounts, is a good thing. It's all of those small changes that pack together like a snowball rolling down hill that eventually become big change. It's all good! Never fear Margaret you being there and the things that you and other PVCs are doing will and are making some form of an impact, big or small. So sorry that I missed you when you can home, I so wanted to see you. I also owe you a $25 check as promised. Please send me an email as to whom and where to send that check to, it's long overdue. Take-Care girl and keep your chin up. I'm so proud of you. Peace & Love Friend xoxo

Patty said...

You had better take then up on a free stay in France!! I will kick your butt if you don't. If you don't, I'll tell them that Margaret sent me! Take care and check out the solar ovens see if you could rig something up. May help with the food situation. Love ya, Pat