Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No time to West

Meab (my co-worker) and I were walking through Njombe town the other day, and amidst the chaos, I noticed a truck that had a special decal saying "NO TIME TO WEST." Assuming it was an attempt to say No Time to Waste, Meab and I got a good laugh at the drivers expense...but the more I think about it, maybe it wasn't wrong...

Let's just do this via pictures.

This is a man who sells peanuts, biskuti (cookie-esque) and other small typical TZ treats. He is reading a copy of the newspaper I work for...Kwanza Jamii!

This is our Daraja driver getting in trouble with the traffic police on the way to Dar es Salaam. They are the ones in the shack wearing white and yellow. You wouldn't now from the shack how much money they get in bribes everyday.

This is the truck that we hired and the banner we had made to drive around town and announce the coming of our paper- Kwanza Jamii! It was a traveling music show for 3 days.

This is my nyumbani. Karibu.....

When I come home from work and wonder, "Seriously...?" I check myself, stand on my front porch and admire the little valley. It always chills me out.

One day while i was in a meeting our secretary, Stella, came in and told me a man upstairs wanted to use my camera. She didn't know why so I said no way. KUMBE! He wanted to take a picture of this newborn with backwards legs and send it to some doctor overseas to see if it's possible to fix...I'm glad I went to investigate what he wanted even though it's awfully heart breaking.

This is Keith. We just finished eating 2 massive salads (with lettuce, cheese, and olives!!!), aone large veggie pizza, and more then a few goblets of wine.
What are smiles really say: "Holy shit, if this is what America is like all of the time you better love me fat!"

Then I canned my first thing ever...Beets! Who knows if I know what I'm doing, but I go SOOOO excited about finding beets in the veggie market in Morogoro town (a mear 10 hours away) that I just bought a ton and figured why not...


Rose said...

Hi Margaret;

I love when you post pictures, thanks! And by the way Keith is cute!



Rosie Paparazzi said...

Oh and that poor baby made my heart ache!

Patricia said...

Keith is cute. I can see why TZ is not so bad...you are looking pretty great too!! Thinking of you an hoping you are feeling fine. Love and peace, Patty