Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Buck Doesn't Stop Here

The Era of Tanzanian Discovery is soon to come to an end. All of the omens are pointing me in a new direction. Listening to the universal language of my heart, of the world, I feel that it is time to come home.

The past few months have been absolutely wonderful. I was able to take some time off of work and go on a real legit vacation. I spent some quality time with the sun, sand, the Quatraro family, and my girls from Njombe who have finished Peace Corps and now live/work in T-Zed. It was a great time to gain perspective, fed my soul, and get real with what I am trying to do here.

Arriving home to the Californians was a sweet treat. As always, their insights, conversation, and unyielding support bring a level of confidence and pride in the path I choose.

Daraja is my family, and as D Day get approaches, I mourn the distance I’m going to put between myself and my gang. The newspaper is fully functioning with very little support from me. My role has been played out, and I have gained so much from the experience (and hopefully was able to share a little too). We have started the first month of 2 issues per month, and I have no doubt that everyone will do just fine. I have never been more proud, or inspired, by a project and the people involved.

Before hitting the door there are a few things that I’ve decided to do for the newspaper crew. This leads me to where I find myself now, in Dar, getting ready to really put my big girl pants on and Do It…! I’m excited and anxious, the final test! 3 years: bush, vill, town, and city girl?

And, as always, business will be mixed with pleaser as the universe has intervened, putting 4 of my closest lady friends from Peace Corps in Dar es Salaam on the same weekend! One long weekend of gossip, banter, and unconditional love n understanding, oh yes!

Everything is illuminated, life is Beautiful,
I’ll be stateside in the quick blink of an eye.

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